Re: Thought for a T Shirt

On 28/05/2011 10:57, Phil wrote:
Gareth McCaughan wrote:
"Phil" wrote:

Front Says "Hawkings says heaven doesn't exist"
Back shows pic of him and says "He also said he knew this road like
the back of his hand!"

Sick and silly but it made me howl.
Pardon me for being dim, but I don't understand. I don't mean "I see
the point but don't find it funny"; I don't even see why it *might*
be funny. All the guesses I can make seem like total non-starters.

(I take it you aren't under the misapprehension that he's in that
wheelchair because of a car crash.)
It wasn't my idea for a tshirt - I dont know why it made me laugh but I
couldn't stop for ages.

It makes no sense


Sick - yes. Silly - yes. Baffling - yes. Funny - no, not in the slightest. Is this meant to be another example of Schadenfreude? If so, I think it's disgusting.



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