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On 2010-10-12, Kendall Down wrote:

On 11/10/2010 21:33, Alwyn wrote:

Well, Kendall has both been asserting the fallibility hypothesis and
praising John Cooper's reconstruction of the story based on all four
gospels. As I understand it, the latter is predicated on the idea that
each gospel account is inerrant but incomplete on its own.

The two are not incompatible. The *facts* of a situation are not
necessarily incompatible with the partial (and therefore faulty) account
given by any particular witness.

Joe Bloggs, passing the door of the bank, notices one robber. The teller
at the window facing the gun sees two. An examination of the CCTV
afterwards proves that there were three - two at the counter and one
guarding the door. Both witnesses - Joe and the teller - differ in their
count of the number of bank robbers, but both are correct.

So what's wrong with the idea that Genesis (in particular, the
creation part) is a metaphorical account in terms that ancient people
could understand, rather than a literally true account?

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