Re: Our God Reigns

Alec wrote:
On 20 Sep, 16:09, John R <truthseeke...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks Phil by the way, I was under the impression that those outside
the RC Church are recognised as saved, subject to accepting Jesus as
their Saviour. I would ask Mike and/or Alec, is that the case or not?

I can't find the reference at the moment; but the pope said (a couple
of years back) that, not just non-RCs but non-Christians, even people
who had never heard of Christ, might also be saved if they responded
to such grace as God gives them.

Accepting Jesus as saviour is not a condition of salvation, it's a
sign of it. The only condition of salvation is that you are accepted
by Jesus, not that he is accepted by you.

(Phil, would you agree with that?)

I, like the apostle, don't see how they can call upon Christ and believe on
him if they have enver heard of him.