Re: Quiiting Christianity but not Christ

On 13/09/2010 14:30, Michael J Davis wrote:
Alwyn <alwyn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> was inspired to say
Anyone in doubt about Hitler's belief in God should read the following:

Most of the quotes are from Mein Kampf written 1925/26; the later ones
don't seem to me to the words of a convinced believer. I thought he'd
abandoned any form of faith in the early 30's.

The latest quotations there are from 1936. I see no reason to think that when hw proclaimed in the Reichstag: 'I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the Jews I am fighting for the Lord's work.' he was not sincere; he had after all learnt his antisemitism in Catholic Vienna and it always had religious overtones for him. I also think it entirely plausible that when he told Cardinal von Faulhaber: 'Man cannot exist without belief in God.' he was expressing a deeply felt conviction.