Re: Questions about the resurrection

"Gareth McCaughan" <Gareth.McCaughan@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit dans le message de news:
| "PG" wrote:
| [me:]
| > | ISTM that when someone, addressing Christians, talks about
| > | a "sky fairy" he *is* referring to (what he knows that his
| > | interlocutors believe to be) a creator god; but declining
| > | to do so in the reverent terms that are very reasonably
| > | preferred by those who believe in the existence of that god.
| [PG:]
| > In the same way that a non-believer may be reluctant to capitalise 'god'.
| Maybe, though it doesn't seem quite the same to me -- maybe
| it depends on what sort of noncapitalization you have in mind.
| (Someone who writes "Christians believe that god wants them
| to read the Bible" might be leaving the word uncapitalized
| for skyfairyish reasons; someone who writes "Christians believe
| that their god wants them to read the Bible", probably not.)

Yes, I was mainly thinking of the first example. But in the second example, a
Christian writing the same phrase would probably omit 'our' altogether and just
write 'God' (capitalised). As if it's the one and only possibility (of a
deity)... even when addressing nonbelievers, or, say, Muslims. That grates a
little sometimes. So it could be argued that 'skyfairying' redresses the balance
a little ...


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