Re: Sphinx = Lucifer

I killfiled him.

Hello Moderator,

Would you please be kind enough to WIPE OUT my posts of the last few
weeks, for I don't want to waste the usual posters time.

Are you by any chance slightly obsessed with numbers?

Yes, I do like numbers, and I get great satisfaction when I decode
something that cannot be a coincidence.

Please get a life!

I have a life, thank God.



The Sphinx walks up and down in the Garden

Now the magnificent evil Sphinx at 742 increased to 7,420,000 and
divided by 24 and divided by 24 hours is 12,881.94444 days or
35.269595 years.

And counting from my suggested creation of Adam at 2:30am on May 28,
3871BC (3,900 years before day one of the Church at 9am on Pentecost
Sunday, May 28, AD30), the 35.269595 years, it is 1:45pm September 3,
3836BC, and probably the day Adam and Evil were trying to cover their
naked souls, having committed the Original Sin.

And counting from 1:45pm September 3, 3836BC to 2:30am January 1, 6BC
when I strongly suggest Mary conceived is 3,829.327269 years and cubed
and divided by Pi thrice x 40 and cube root /100 is 41.68622 cubic
feet, or 72,033.803 cubic inches, the internal volume of the granite
sarcophagus in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, called DULL
CARE or Babylon. (From conception to death at 3:03pm Friday, April 7,
AD30 is 12,880 days, the LAMB of God).

And 'Number Form Follows Measurement Function' for 1.20000e+13 divided
by the length of the Rosslyn Chapel at 816 inches, and the width at
416 inches and the height at 488 inches and cube root is 41.68623
cubic feet or 72,033.809 cubic inches, the reference for DULL CARE.

Thus see the Rosslyn Chapel see Original Sin, and think it is the
House of the Sphinx, which is Lucifer.

The likes of the above is not available anywhere else, and remember
"Ignorance is no refuge."