Re: The Devils Deception of Christianity

"nobody" wrote:

The *supposed* crucifixion? I thought you were a Muslim,
in which case you're definitely supposed to think he was
really truly put on that cross. (Yes, I understand that
you also don't think he really died.)

no in islam we believe Jesus is one of the mightiest messengers ever
to come to this earth.
to that claim that muslims truly believe in the Jesus being put on the
cross is unfound.

Oh yes. Please excuse me; I'd somehow picked up the idea
that the official Islamic position was that he *was*
crucified but didn't die. I'm not sure where I got that
from, but it certainly seems to be wrong. (Though it
also appears that *some* Muslims take that view, and
take "neither did they crucify him" in 4:157 to mean
"neither did they kill him by crucifixion".

You think they're standing guard? It doesn't look like it
to me.

why stand outside and watch him why not from inside, standing outside
to count stars? no
its a tactical decision which he tells them to keep watch. then when
he returns they are fast asleep and asked them you couldt simply keep

It's clear that he wanted them to stay awake with him.
But why suppose that he wanted them as a guard?

Gareth McCaughan
..sig under construc