Re: Conflicts, contrasts or differences between Catholics and Protestants in Great Britain

On 2006-04-25, Alec Brady <alec.brady@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I wish I had that self-discipline! I'm sorry I went off the way I did.
I get a bit tired of people *assuming* that the protestant world-view
is obviously right, and you (quite innocently) triggered my irascible
humour. Sorry.

So am I!

But I have to point out that there is no such thing as "the protestant
world-view"; there's a very wide spectrum of Christian but
non-Roman-Catholic and non-Orthodox views. Certainly a lot of
Protestants (the ones I think of as "very Protestant") would say that
I don't hold (what they consider) "the Protestant view".

The only thing I find really objectionable in some of the "very
Protestant" views as well as in my perception (which is open to
correction) of the official RCC view (and I doubt that many RC people
hold the following attitude) is the monopolistic claim that "our
institution is right and other institutions are not just different but