Re: How does one contact God?

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And then another difficulty is the difference between "seekers" and
"seekers". For the former it is a matter of curiosity and interest they
find engaging and potentially important; for the latter they are perhaps
more like sheep trying to find their shepherd. I admit that I
neither sort, "seekers" nor indeed "seekers", never having been one

So, you have never needed to seek the truth? That's quite amazing.

I didn't find something, I was found and without me seeking it out, yes.

I will admit to being the first type of seeker mentioned. To be the
second type I would have to be convinced of the existence of a
'shepherd' in the first place.

And there you go - someone who is seeking to be /convinced/ is in a
different category of seeker to many, I think. God isn't a performing
seal to set up take away your responsibilities by presenting a finished
work of convincing logic. If that's what you're looking for you're very
unlikely to find it.

I'm sorry but I'm having a problem with making sense of this. Most
Christians that I have talked to think that you need to believe in the
Christian god to stand a chance of getting into heaven. If I find
myself unable to believe without some good (to me) evidence and am
denied such evidence because I am not 'seeking' in the right way (I
gather from what you have said that I should believe in God before I
start to seek) then what possible chance of success is there?
You have presented a barrier which no atheist could overcome. If God
won't reveal himself to all those who seek him then the possibility of
his existence seems even more remote to me.

I don't understand why anyone would waste their time in that, so
I postulate that the latter sort of seeker is somehow more genuine.

You think that anyone showing interest in your religion is wasting
their time? Now that is revealing.

I can't see why it doesn't seem so to the one interested. Go and have fun
doing something else until such time as you *really* have to know, rather
than idly having an intellectual itch scratched.

When will that be, do you think?