English Canals - Huntly Films - film 44160

English Canals - Huntly Films - film 44160


(features brief snippets of horses)

Canals in England

Stourport canals and barges, locks, painted boats, coal lighters, wide
beam boat though a lock, barrels lifted off a barge, lifting metal
rings, bargees on their narrowboats going along a city canal, Bargee
and his wife towing a butty though Regent's Park, London and Little
Venice on the Regent's canal. Polishing a chimney, tarrying the
Horse drawn barge, horse eats oats from a feed bag. Canal families,
children with their toy dolls. More painted boats with roses and
castles dippers and water cans, a girl operates a lock beam, winding a
lock gate paddle, going though a lock, GUCC painted boat.

Bulbourne works, huge log to be made into a balance beam, refitting a
lock gate.

Manchetser Ship canal. Tugs, swing bridges and locks operated for the
boatmen. Paddle steamer.

London docks, Hay's Wharf, cranes.

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