New Canal

Reading ‘Waterways World’ I did like the suggestion for a new connector canal - a lock free canal between the bottom of Adderley on the Shroppie and the bottom of Frankton on the Monty. According to the proposer there are no major works needed apart from a short cutting and getting under one railway.
The canal would solve a lot of problems (for boating the Monty by providing plenty of water which the rationing at Frankton does not allowing boats to get to Maesbury and beyond - to Newtown even if the ecos can be stopped building their 'No filthy English Water in Wales' stop lock at the border. Of course one assumes BW/CART would oppose the so called 'Wem canal' as the bosses are very pro eco on the Monty but building the canal would bring the business that BW promise but can't deliver given boat numbers.
With the wem canal in place the objections to back-pumps at Frankton would disappear and it would be part of a new ring and allow a new route to Llangollen for minimal outlay.