Re: Suggest a second experience for an American?

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If John likes steering sticks he has one choice of hirebase

Wow. I already may have failed the test. I'm not sure how I feel
about steering "sticks" :-[ Sailboat "sticks"? Aids to navigation?

Stick as on a narrow boat or similar - as opposed to a wheel on a cruiser.

I'm interested to learn a little more about Irish cruising grounds.
What are typical cruising distances there? We are strangers there so
will we find our way alright - places for lunch, dinner, overnight
moorings, and so on? Do you lay up on anchor (as blue-water boats) or
tie alongside?

Is it fair for me to to simplify: First I choose between pubs with
Guiness and pubs with bitter, right?

No problems there - they serve both.
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