Re: Narrowboat Interior Design

Peter Neville wrote:
James Marshall wrote:
Hi all,

I notice that "Dover" is now for sale on apollo duck (as featured on
Sky TV)

After seeing the photos of the interior I wondered how people felt
about this sort of contemporary design for narrowboats?


Well judging by the responses so far and quite possibly the lack of
them, it appears that its not favourable.
Personally I like it although that hideous red/orange colour is not to
my taste I think it cheapens the design concept and woodwork. This is
all based on my viewing the TV companies website.

Lets put things in perspective. Outwardly the boat has been restored
it's former glory. Better that, than languishing in some British
Waterways backwater waiting for someone to make the decision to scrap
her. According to the site the back cabin exterior was replaced and a
traditional back cabin interior kept along with installing a long
stroke diesel in keeping with the period. Percentage wise this has to
be at least 60% to the purists.

Now for the interior under the cloths. Again apart from the colour the
use of beech/maple and walnut is impressive. The glass when you are in
there must give the impression of distance and space when the cloths
are down and the lights are on through reflection and when the cloths
are up, unlimited perspective. It must turn about all that many people
dislike about being in a 6' odd corridor which is basically what a
narrowboat is.

As for its practicality. Having lived aboard a varity of boats both
ancient and modern, I can foresee some problems. But its what you get
used to and how you adapt. Its certainly not a family boat, neither
from my limited viewing via the website could it be described as a
live aboard.

Going back to the traditionalists, if the Historic Narrowboat Club
awards it the Hemelryk Award then it must be pretty well done. Also
looking at the companies involved then I can see where the final price
tag comes from. As to whether or not it is justifiable, well that
depends on the person who is putting their hand in their pocket to
purchase it.

Finally, yes I would like to see more innovation when it comes to
boat building or restoration for that matter. Just as the fusion of
and new is now being accepted in property so it should be with other
types of living spaces.

Cheers, Peter.
Were are all born individuals, let us not die copies.

British narrowboat design seems to be evolving into a fashion statement and
has got nothing to do with the practicalities of actually boating and living
on a boat.
I wonder what the yobs of Miles Plating would make of the acres of glass in
Dover? :-)
.................but then the owners of these type of craft would not be seen
dead in such places...........ho hum...........

If you want to make an internal fashion statement, best to get a barge,
where it can be hidden from view and there is still room for storage! ;-)

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