Re: Is there a walking Medic in the house?

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At 55 I had been looking forward to a retirement that included lots of
walking. For me up until recently a walk, meant 15-25 mls, and I didn't
consider it worth turning out for less than 15mls.

Now I struggle beyond 8mls, unelss the terrain is hilly (which it isn't
here in E Yorkshire). A discomfort creeps into the joint between my right
thigh and hip and a numbness in the thigh muscle and skin between the
knee and hip. A recent walk is typical, the discomfort came in after 8
mls of flat/level walking, then came a steep hill for 5 mins. It was as
if a switch was trown, the discomforst and numbness instantly vanished
for the 5-10 mins it took to climb out of the valley onto the Wol;ds
tops, then it crept back in again.


Could it be this? Do you wear a belt or corset for your back trapping
lateral femoral cutaneous nerve?

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Thats sounds spot on, will print it out and discuss with phyio and GP - thanks