Re: Pay for your rescue.

good point, I had forgotten the "keep away from the countryside"
er, "the countryside is open" comedy act. Was Scotland all open?
I encountered "Keep out F&M risk" signs south of Glen Coe after
the risk was supposed to have diminished.

Problems at first... no one knew what areas were infected.
Some nonsense about wearing skis (downhill only) or carrying golf
clubs redendering you non infectious - pure walking a no no

By the end of March differences had appeared. Balmoral and Invercauld
amoungst others publicly welcomed visitors.

Soon government advice was that it was OK to go out except in
Dumfriesshire and surrounding areas, badly affected as part of the
big outbreak centred on Longtown.

Most areas were open, but there were some still hanging on to
closure.. Mull, The NTS and others. The landowners that tried to
keep the hills closed were ignored by many , in particular Skye folk
just returned to the Cuillin and there were regular "reclaiming" meets
in the Southern Highlands... Most enjoyable social occasions.

By June, more or less everyone was following the advice of government
vets and staying clear of the infected areas whilst still visiting the
hills - peat being an excelent disinfectant.

IIRC the whole fiasco had a beneficial side effect, both managers and
recreational users became better educated of their opposite number's

Richard Webb