Re: TR: Half way across Scotland

nospamforgoofif@xxxxxxx said...
Like the saddo I am, I am logged into t'internet in a Youth Hostel

Whoo, hello Judith!

I'm about half way through my walk across Scotland, on the TGO
Challenge, and am kn*ckered. Blimey, this is hard work. My feet
hurt and I've been bitten by TWO ticks.

Would some hugs and a pint of bitter help?

Beautiful scenery but it's been raining for four days! First two days
were scorching sun. My tan stops at the top of my hands were they
stick out of my waterproofs!

Full TR on completion.

Well done so far. Keep going - you can do it and we're all here
cheering for you. Is PW with you?
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