Re: Ice axe *or* crampons?

GSV Three Minds in a Can wrote:

Depends on your priorities I guess - crampons much more useful for 'must attempt to get through', but an ice axe is still the thing most likely to save your neck if you slip or fall over.

But on what amounts to a Lochnagar sized sheet of water ice, "most likely" is still a vanishingly small chance. In which case just not falling over to start with is much preferbale!
While Hollywood may be labouring under the impression that you can stop on a sixpense with a self arrest, those who've tried for real (even in controlled practice) will know that it's not that quick even in a good place for it.

As someone said way way up-thread, crampons can get you into trouble too ..

But not particularly more so than an axe...

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