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Yeah, that's most assuredly the fing. I remember my law lecturer saying
exactly the same with a look of mild irritation on his face. He was
right, too, but wasn't able to explain why to either our or his

I tried to have this out with a canvasser some years ago. They kept
repeating that it wasn't fair to allow unelected people to govern but
couldn't say how it would be better to have elected old duffers rather
than appointed old duffers.

Elected greedy power-mad abstrads versus a strange ragbag of curious old
sods with plenty of time to discuss things at length, I'd suspect. That
doesn't mean that there aren't any wot are mad, nasty, misguided and so
forth, but it seems like it has a higher chance of coming out in the

In any case, they aren't directly comparable, the Lords is the "hold on
a sec", the safety valve. Their wbo is to be a bit stodgy and
slow-moving, mull stuff over, and generally not Run Everything. Seems to
me this doesn't make them as much of a menace as some might claim.

The vestigial remains of an ancient menace.

For some reason, this reminds me that a few days ago I heard one of the
Millibands described as "the evil of two lessers".

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