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Jim Price wrote:
Austin Shackles wrote:
On or around Thu, 09 Apr 2009 20:25:33 +0100, Jim Price
<d1version@xxxxxxxxxxx> enlightened us thusly:

The classic guide to doing all this is here:

I'd suggest following that and ask if you hit any problems.

I found a nifty video how-to on youtube, which mentions a nice little cmd
thing which makes yer flashdrive into an bootable XP installation.

I'm having a quick look at that, and I notice he's running the cmd thing on a Vista chamine, which has a several of bits and pieces wot XP doesn't for dealing with flash drives. He's also using a custom prepared XP install disk, wot has a few silly issues which whoever molished it CBA to fix. The HAL error [2001] is just because he partitioned the disk incorrectly. OK, I can't watch any more of that guff - maybe it's one of those tutorials where you get to learn from mistakes.

It didn't work on account of "non-system disk" as you imply above.

It's in the process of doing that now, will report later if it jbexed. is thing to hunt...

Ho yus. No.1 gurgle hit says "I can assure you that does not contain a Rootkit trojan". No.2 hit says it's Vista compatible. I can't be shewer if that means it won't jbex with XP, but if it doesn't, the first thing I would check is if it actually requires Vista, of you have it.

It'll do FAT16LBA, FAT32 and NTFS, but the latter didn't jbex on the stick I
were hfvat, which was already FAT32LBA.

Also has a mutleytude of options including the ability to molish unattended
install thingy.

howto video:

I am a big fan of written destructions over vijo ones. Specially that one.

In case anyone else is interested.

I daresay that summat similar jbexf for replacing the crippled linux with a
proper one, or even substituting linux for XP home on a windows-original

I un-tiggered the crippled linux on mine and used that for a bakers dozen of fortnights or so as it already supported all the hardware. Currently it has the Ubuntu 9.04 beta on it, which is lwking very gwd, but when the dust settles it'll probably end up with Xubuntu or Crunchbang on it.

Have you got all the hardware drivers for XP?

[2001] No, not that HAL [9000]

[9000] Dave.

I re-installed XP Home on my XP A1 following the recipe from here:

I got an XP Home ISO (because Acer don't ship one and I didn't have one) with all the A1 drivers already slipstreamed in from here, and it was quite happy with the licence key from the sticker on the A1:

I needed an XP chamine to prep the USB drive, but the drive itself was nothing special (I think it might even have been a freebie).

All worked well...

A colleague has had Debian and Solaris on his.