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Worst car for dealing with oversized puddles has to be the Peugeot 205.
We managed to drown one driving along a main road in Cardiff some years

Ah, there's a difference between drowing one by soaking the electrics
and drowning one by sucking water into the air intake and bending all
the con-rods and doing a grand's worth of damage.

If it had only been a grand... Add another zero!

Which puts me in mind of a tale told by ex-cow-orker Mad Dog. Mad Dog
was queueueueueing at the dealer to collect his 3-series after a
service. Ahead of him was a woman, to whom the service droid was
itemising the bill. This, it would seem, consisted of an almost
complete interior, a fair few oily bits, a Several of body panels and a
five-figure bill. Mad Dog could not for the life of him figure out what
one had to do to a motorcar to require all this, so he asked.

"Well," quoth she, "we were driving along a small road in the Lake
District and came to what we though was a puddle. But it turned out
/not/ to be a puddle, but rather an escaped river, some six feet deep!"
Mad Dog opined that even driving into a six-foot deep pit full of deep
water should not have done THAT much damage. "Perhaps not, under normal
circumstances," she replied, "but there was a Mini at the bottom."

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