Re: Nights Away (Until May 08)

"Stephen Rainsbury" <stephen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -> wrote in message
Some of the Nights away factsheets have a note about (Until May 08) in the
title eg fs120431.pdf, Nights Away Permit Scheme (until May 2008).

I can't find a couple of Scouting Magazine back issues, so could somebody
please point me to the article in Scouting that tells us about these
changes next month and what we are supposed to be doing to be ready for


Stephen Rainsbury
ESL Agathoid Explorer Scout Unit this bit)

I believe that it is the introduction of the Lightweight category and the
things that went with that.

If you cannot find your mags have you tried looking online on
where you can read them there (not just the section supplements).

West Yorks