Re: Do Brownies 'do' St Georges Day

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At the end of the day you have just got to let the girl thing happen, trust
me, you won't find you lose anything that isn't compensated by other stuff.

as i said... am not sure what i'll have to change.

I thought we could carry on as usual when the 21st Leyton went mixed
about 5 years ago. By and large we have BUT...
The first time we tried to play British Bulldog it was all going
smoothly and the girls were getting stuck in with gusto, until one
young chap tried to pick up a young chappess by putting his hands
around her chest (to put it politely). The whole game stopped, no-one
knew what to say; both parties were terribly embarassed and we all
laughed, but I havn't had the courage to try it again. We do play
physical contact games but I avoid all-in ruck type games now.
"Poison" is about their favourite - all join hands and try to pull
each other into a stack of cardboard boxes in the middle of the
circle. The whole buzz of the Troop also changes - I can't really say
how, but on balance I think it's been a good thing.