Re: CRBs for all Trustees?

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If you are a Leader you have a Warrant - if you are a Sectional Assistant
you MIGHT have a Certificate of Appointment and that is supposed to be
revieved every 5 years; presumably the Dist Sec keeps a list so that they
can have a review done in 5 years (yeah right!!).

Dont judge everyone by our own opinions/experience. If the group tells
anyone (my opinion) then they will (my opinion /experience) have a
record in the HQ MSS database and guess what ... it has a review date.

That of course IS my experience. If an adult is going to be in a position
where they are going to have unsupervised access to YP they are CRB
checked - the Group, District and HQ all know that this has been completed
but this alone has no Membership implications.

If an adult decides to be more involved either by becoming a Section
Assistant, Exec Member, Group/District Fellowship Member or any other adult
role outside being a Warrant holder they will also complete a Form AA.

Dependant on role then a certificate of appointment may be issued - not all
roles get one. If they do and they start recieving Scouting Mag they have
ended up on the database and MAY have an expiry date or review date on the
appointment - that date will not necessarily be passed to either the Group
or the District and then it is down to them to decide when the appointment
is for review - rare to happen here.

In the case of a Fellowship Member or for that matter a Scout Network Member
they do not have an appointment but are a Member so that will not have any
expiry or review date - so who decides when to review or indeed is there a
possibility of it happening.

Exec members do not at present have to complete AA forms. AA forms
are for appointments only
There is currently no requirement to review fellowship or network
members at present , or in fact any adult members that do not hold
appointment ( and those not subject to annual election, like sec treas
and chairman )