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Now chris, I was dragged over the coals for that a year ago.......and
I made it very clear last year I was sorry and it was a joke and I had
nothing to do with officially advising the gathering.

Now go find something to do that more usefull that trawling year old
posts - risk assessments maybe :)

As it happens I will be there again this year......fancy a pint :p


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Yes, I'm sure you are right John, but as there is no mention of the
customary 'come and drink until you are legless' them I guess there will
only be tea at the bar.

I don't believe the Gathering has *ever* been sold on that principle,
though some people certainly do treat it that way.


see previous posts on here neil. it's not unknown for network
gatherings to be sold on the amount of drink that will be cosumed...

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Date: 30 Mar 2006 07:08:27 -0800
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Subject: Gathering 06
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At the stroke of midnight in the third weekend of the fourth month, a
figure of shadow will walk to the top of the highest mountain. From
ragged robes he will take a batter dusty horn, and with one clear
summon the network of the land.

The network shall leave there pubs, clubs and beds and board the less
than roadworthy hire bus. And to great tower they shall go, for three
days and nights of the most heavy drinking and david brentish dancing.

And it will be know to all as the Gathering


So who's coming this year??????


sorry... i should perhaps have cut your name out of it...

but it was to explain the drink references...

hope you have fun. i am v jealous of the network. i'd have loved
something like that .

and i would have drunk obscene amounts etc etc. i think i have to put
my hand up to being an occasional binge drinker...