Re: CRBs for all Trustees?

Pete wrote:
Sorry if I'm reigniting an old topic, but I was wondering if anyone else was aware of this...?

At our Group Exec last night one of the members produced a quote from a Charity Commission document which stated all Trustees should be CRB checked. After discussion, our SiC agreed to check with the Info Centre, but as far as we all knew it was SA policy that only the Officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) needed to be checked. (Ignoring the fact that all the leaders will have been checked anyway.)

A phone call to the Info Centre this afternoon has revealed that from September, all members of the Group Exec will need to be CRBed (ie now includes parent reps, fundraisers & other nominated persons).

Was anyone else aware of this - have a missed something somewhere along the line?


Mmmm....not something I recall seeing here before, and it sounds like some new guidelines. Should make for some interesting discussions.

I had always assumed that the CRB was for any/extended unsupervised access any adult may have with the children in our charge. But this seems to suggest that any adult associated with Scouting should be checked.

Hopefully something will appear in the Scouting magazine shortly to confirm/deny/substantiate this new requirement.

David Patrick
ADC (Communications)
Eastleigh District Scout Council