Re: Chief Scout on Radio 4

On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 11:45:44 +0000 (UTC), "Frank Healy"
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Peter Duncan will be interviewed on You & Yours - BBC Radio 4 - 12.04pm

As we know, it is actually tomorrow and today was just a preview.

I tried to send input but the Beeb's server won't accept it.

"I run a Scout Group with over 100 members, at least 10 times more
members than the local youth club. We offer training in three olympic
sports - kayaking, shooting and archery. We have an IT centre and will
have our own Amateur Radio station by the end of the year.
We offer a place of safety for young people and help them to camp, and
over the years I have had young people from my Group help build a
school in Ghana, work in an orphanage in Mexico and another in Peru,
and we take part in local conservation projects and community work. It
gets a little tiresome hearing how we are an anachronism when the
young people we work with are in fact taking a positive role in
society rather than being a burden on the youth services and being a
nuisance to the local community."

Ewan Scott