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Hi all

our scout gp is going to have a group camp so the 3 sections can all camp
together for a change, but i am unsure what beavers can do on a camp, so
have anyone got any suggestions.

rgds Kevin

also anyone on here from Hatfield


We did a joint camp last year with another group and their Beavers
came for a sleepover. So that's the first point, as others have said
they cannot camp unless accompanied by a parent. However, they can go
for a sleepover as long as they are away from parents no longer than
24 hours but they must sleep indoors in a secure location.

In terms of activities, and our camp was DIY rather than externally
organised activities, they did pretty much the same stuff as cubs i.e.
arts and crafts, games etc. They came down and had a look at the
pioneering that we were doing with scouts. And they ate a lot.

I think there are at least a couple of people posting here from
Hatfield/Brookmans Park.



beavers are very easily pleased

explore the woods... that's an hour

run around in big field... that's half an hour

do some more exploring... another 45 mins or so

Play bat and ball games... half hour

Fight and cry because you forgot they need to eat every 2 hours

then run around some more, do some archery, play with the scouts (who
love having beavers around if it is temporary)

Make hedgehogs from clay with twigs for spines

etc etc.

i run this sort of thing as follows:

tell beaver leaders that activities x, y and z will be offered to
beavers. and that they are to fill the rest of the time themselves.

Oh yes, treasure hunting is what they did on the Sunday morning. They
had some instruction on tracking signs and had to find their way in
groups of 3/4 around the site collecting letters, which they then had
to put into a sentence ('fun and friends' I think it was). They then
got a lolly or something similar at the end. A happy hour or so was
spent foraging in hedgerows etc. We were fortunate that we had
exclusive use of the site and it was remote so relatively secure. As a
result the Beavers could go off alone and be given some independence.
I wouldn't suggest this for a public site.

They also made dreamcatchers and balsa wood models which came in kits
as I recall.