Re: "Scout Master" found guilty of paedophillia

Louise wrote:
chris.5th wrote:

Thank God he's caught. And i think it makes clear why the Child
protection policy is sooooo important. We mustn't just be good. We
MUST be seen to be good.

we have a reputation. and for that reason the CPP is all the more

It really bugs me when I hear people asking someone if they have a
CURRENT CRB as of course we all know there is no such thing. Who says
that the person with the CRB wasn't charged with something since it was
printed. They can be out of date in seconds. It gets me most when
people are talking about the enhanced ones as the sheet that the
applicant gets may be clear but the enhanced part of it might not, the
applicant never sees that part only the countersignatory to the form
and even they are not allowed to tell anybody anything what is on it as
it is highly confidential. Although of course they may tell you that
somebody is not suitable to work with the organisation because of
information held on it. Which of course is why Guiding and Scouting
take new ones for everybody no matter how recent the one the applicant
has got is. (I applied for 2 on the same day once as neither
organisation could accept the one from the other organisation)


check the scouts policy on this...

i've an idea that they accept guide CRBs, and only guide ones.