Re: More than one tab?

Eddie Langdown wrote:
As some-one committed to a lonely quest of promoting a badge-free scout uniform
( I think they ruin decent scout shirts and kids look like walking Christmas-trees etc etc )
I have to lower myself to ask this question;
For the first time two of our ex-scouts, who are still working with us as YL's have joined a new ESU .
They became YL's before there was a Unit for them to join.
They ask if they should ,could, or mustn't, wear both name tabs?

Not sure what the rule is - but for a while I used to wear two sets of District badges (when a student) and at another point 4 different name
tapes (my two Packs, DUSAGG and Fellowship)

There I have eaten coal.
I wouldn't have them wear any stupid tabs that are so small you creep-up so close as to be liable for arrest, when you could just say, "Hi there, my name is Herbert ( or whatever) what group are you in...... do you think Rooney is back on form yet....."
(Sorry John, couldn't resist...)
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