Re: Maps! (let's have a seperate thread, instead of using roll call)

Eh? A compass doesn't tell you which road! A compass doesn't have a brain
a memory! It's a dumb piece of kit. Jeez Louise, leave it on the ground
the needle points N. Ask it a question and the needle points N. Do a jig
around it and hurl a thousand insults at it and the needle still points N!


I take all of what you say Gags as helpful.... but I am really sold on the
importance of compasses simply because kids have so little understanding of
their importance, i will try add a little sketch we use to get the message
over... but yes , I do teach a three-fold check to find out where you are.
What does the map say it should look like?
Look around, what does it look like.
What does the compass say.
Getting Lost Again!

Setting: One person standing with a map.

Second person sitting alongside is the 'voice of the compass' they hold up.

Scout. Now where am I ? I must be around here somewhere (pointing
to map) If only I had remembered everything I had learned in Cubs.

Comp. E hem ! E hem!

Scout. Let me see now, I am on a foot path, but there is another footpath
going that way too.. I wonder which one it is?

Comp. E.hem ..... Excuse me..... hello!

Scout. Maybe if I should stay on this one, it's going down hill and that one
goes uphill... I prefer walking down hill.

Comp. Hello , why not ask me, I.I'm the compass hanging around your neck..
I can tell you which way to go..

Scout. If only there was some way of knowing which path is the right one to

Comp. Ask me . Ask me.. I can tell you.. just hold me in your hand and
look at my arrow. I can show you the path to take.

Scout. No, I will take the path to the top of the hill and maybe we can see
the road from there.

Comp. Don't go that way. and please don't go the other way.. You should be
going back because you took a right turn back there , when you should have
took a left. I would have told you if you had bothered to ask me to show
you.. In Cubs you were told to use me to take bearings at every turn and
junction. P L E A S E use me!

Scout. I know, where's my compass....

Comp. Huraay!

Scout. I'll thrown it up in the air and see which way up it lands, circle
side to the right, flat side to the left....

Comp. Oh no. we are going to get lost AGAIN!

Eddie Langdown GSL 16th Bermondsey, London