Re: Roll Call

DuncanHill wrote:
"I bet my 30
year OS map of teh N.York Moors still works teh same way as a modern
one:-) "

Well... so long as there's been no new roads, housebuilding, quarrying,
railway closures, new rights of way established, old rights of way
extinguished, changes to MOD ranges/danger areas.... oh, and that the
change in magnetic deviation has remained constant over the last 30
years (which it certainly won't have).... then old maps are great!

I bet your 30 yr old map of the N Yorj Moors does not show new rights
of access. In fact i guarantee it which closes off whole areas of the
countryside to you, footpaths? so last century darling.

and I bet the detail is less for micro navigation,

30 yr old maps are not as good as modern ones. You can have more fun
with a modern map