Re: Ignoring Parents' Wishes

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I know that leaders should act as a "responsible parent", but does that
mean that we can override the wishes of the actual parent?

We only have parental responsibility to the extent that the parent has
delegated it to us -

Parental responsibility CANNOT be delegated. That means that we do not
HAVE parental responsibility, what we have is a DUTY to act as a
responsible parent, that nebulous responsible parent may or may not
agree with the parent of the child in question.

Take this to a higher level...

As a leader , with a duty to act as a responsible parent...

a child in your care has a serious accident, needing a blood
transfusion, do you stop it knowing that the parents are witnesses or do
you decide what a responsible parent woul do? The two are not the same

I, as a leader try to act in the child's best interests, and not the
parent's .


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