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Just wondering ...

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but what do your
Districts/Areas/Counties do, when they organise a large camp, with one
NA permit holder only - i.e. a turn up and take part event.

Do you have everyone submit their details, forms etc to one person and
have one home contact?
Do you have individual Groups/Troops/Units/Packs hold onto the forms
and have their own home contact each?
A mixture of both?

What happens if an emergency arises where every person needs to be

Please note, I'm only talking about the situation where there is only
one NA permit holder, one NAN - we run these kind of events so that
everyone can take part, not just those leaders who have a NA permit.

Generally in the 50-100+ range for participants.

Or maybe other people don't run these kind of events ... we are strange
up here.


We have a trip off to Wet N' Wild soon and though not a camp we
obivously need HC.

We are having one per group and then a district one so if there is a
major problem and we have to contact all group HC we just contact the
district one who will then pass it onto to the individual group HC to
ring those members.

However the individual group HC know the trip orgnaiser contact direct
for any smaller things (if there is any for a one day trip that coundn't
wait until we got back!)


What is a home contact for?

in reality?

I have only used a home contact once to let parents know our ETA from a
camp. (and even then it was only coz he wanted to, i was happy to send
Parents ALWAYS phone me or one of my helpers. They would never think of
phoning the home contact - and yes, they get the info and are told what
it is for.

In reality a home contact is there if the worst should happen, if a
child is injured badly/killed, that sort of thing. (God forbid)

In that situation, a home contact needs to be somebody close to the
group and who is trusted by the leader. (not a catch all one for a huge
camp) I take the role seriously. I think it is important. If I am
dealing with doctors, ambulances and god knows what, I want somebody
that i can trust to be dealing with upset parents. But (touch wood,
lots of prayers) i have yet to need it.

So, A home contact per group gets my vote.

Exactley, so we have the contact for each group but then a single point of contact for the organiser to call and then the emssage gets spread out down thorugh the groups Hc then to parents, system works fro mwhat i have seen quite well

Again the only time when i have had to use the HC was when we decided to end a camp early (about 2 hours) as weather was turning and site was becoming waterlogged that if we didn't leave soon we may not have got off the site without a tractor!