Re: Roll Call

Age 57. I was a Wolf Cub (in 2nd Southampton) but never a Scout.

Consulting Engineer (was Director of a firm of, but been freelance for 3
years or so). Spent most of my working life overseas, mainly in developing
countries, and still get to interesting places sometimes.

Got involved in Scouts when my son joined Cubs, in Kent, nearly 25 years
ago. Went back to Africa, started a Cub Pack at the International School in
Accra, then joined a Scout Troop in a slum, and ended up holding 4 warrants
at the same time including Assistant Regional Commissioner in Greater Accra
Region. Director of Activities for the 3rd All Africa Jamboree in 1994.
After leaving Ghana went to Albania, and assisted with a Troop in Tirana.

Came back to UK, and settled in Exeter, about 10 years ago, phoned the DC
and said "Anything I can do?" and I've been CSL in Pinhoe ever since. Was a
TA but couldn't make the time to do it justice, so dropped that.

Other interests: Since settling in the UK I've taken up archery, and I coach
(mainly Juniors) at Exmouth Archers and a local sports centre.

John Russell
CSL 1st Pinhoe Exeter Devon
Cubs don't care how much you know, but they need to know how much you care.