Re: ok being stupid, wear does the cub birthday badge go?

"poison dwarf" <newsgroup.2nd4th@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've just seen the nice oval shaped badge to go on cub jumpers for the
birthday and I want to get some for my packs.

Problem is, is there a set place to wear it, because if it is the left
above the membership, beaver/cub linking, participation and the centenary
badge my lot are already trying to wear I'm doomed.

I've got cubs so small the badges will end up half way down the back.
isn't a small enough size for two of my littlest cubs, even 5/6 drowns

As it isn't an award will it be ok on the right side? above the challenges
and bronze award.

My lot love badges, and are very much into getting badges on jumpers and
camp blankets, so i'm sure they'll love this one too.

I'm sure being stupid but just want to check here rather than go spend on
them and find they won't fit in only place they're allowed.

Amanda Lawrence (Akela)
Dragons & Griffins
2nd/4th Barry Cub Scouts

It is supposed to go where you suggest. I ordered enough of the Centenary
Badges for the whole Group but it was recently decided that the Beavers
would wear their "birthday" badge this year, the Cubs would wear theirs and
next year both would go on to wear the Centenary one.

As the Leaders in these sections are larger and have more space on their
shirt they are wearing both with the Centenary one nearest the pocket - but
they don't have Moving On and Participation Awards.

West Yorks