Re: Are police checks working?

"Robert Metcalf" <nnABc01l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I am just back from eurojam I.had my CRB in intime, but for some reason it
> was delayed. Originally the organisers said all leaders going needed one
> but changed their mind because many leaders were in the same situation. To
> my knowledge mine is still not back 6 months after it was submitted. How
> long does it take to query a database anyway?

The EJ thing seems to me to have been a classic case of someone going way

6 months is a very long time!I had a check done at roughly the same time
that Records were handling all the ones for EJ. All of my (many) previous
disclosures have come back within 30-35 days, however, this last one took 58
days and I'm sure that was largely due to Records handling many applications
at that time. I could possibly see some maybe taking 90 days, especially if
there were any queries or erroneous details, but 6 months is I would think
very unlikely. Is there possibly another reason for the delay, e.g. the
application spent some time locked away in a file, briefcase or behind the
clock on someone's mantlepiece?