Re: Happy Camping!

Its that time of year again - last week before the schools break up and the time when many of us dig our tents back out.

I'm off to Thriftwood next week with the Troop & Unit, then on to the flexi IST for the second weekend of EuroJam - lets hope the weather we've had down here in the south east over the last few weeks holds :o)

Have a good summer of Scouting ...

I will, but not with my own Troop unfortunately.

Despite including the dates for Summer Camp on every termly programme since last September, out of a Troop of 26 I can't get enough to make it worthwhile (ie, only 2 (yes, two) for the whole ten days, and a couple of others for just part of it).

Considering I had 14 on camp at the same time of year last year, I am more than a little disappointed (well and truly hacked off would be a better term for it). The problem for the majority is family holidays clashing. Despite the fact they've known the date since last year.

So, bugger it, I'm off to the lakes with another Troop up the road, along with around 20 lads - including one of mine that was going to go on our camp, and doesn't want to miss out (and why should he?).

Now, I need to carefully consider the wording of the letter that's going to go around the Troop's parents after the summer break... any suggestions would be welcome...


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