Re: No More Gala Days - No More Bonfire Parties

> Here we have had meeting with the Police Licensing Officer, and now a rep
> from Ops. and from Building Control, There should also be a meeting with
> Environmental health, and the Fire Brigade (the latter have so far bowed
> to
> (Building Control)
> The Entertainments License is now all part of the same legislation for
> alcohol and licensed premises.
> There is no light touch, the regulations and requirements are the same for
> us as they are for the Galpharm Stadium (was McAlpine). The only leeway
> has
> been that BC have not asked for evidence of fireproofing of messtents,
> though they would if it were marquees!
> If we provide entertainment and advertise publicly, we need a License, as
> part of that License condition we need to have SIA Licensed Doormen (at
> least) we can use our own stewards inside the venue but there are
> questions
> of liability. And yes, we have to carry our random searches, frisking, and
> bags, especially females.
> Also, there is a no glass/ no cans condition, so we have to refuse entry/
> confisctae cans and bottles. We have to decant any drinks in bottles and
> cans into paper cups. Even though the pub along the road spills out onto
> the
> street with kids drinking from bottles and cans with some impunity!
> I shall be asking the Scout association to provide a factsheet on this as
> it
> could seriously impact on fundraising events up and down the country.
> Remember though, there is a Notice of Event option for under 500, and at
> least here we get reduced rates for the license application because we are
> a
> Scout Group. £21.50 as opposed to something like £275

>From my understanding of the new legislation (which is quite extensive), it
seems your council could be challenged. I have been informed by our
Licensing officer that we can not insist on things like plastic drinks
receptacles or Pub safe schemes unless there is evidence of anti social
behaviour, personal harm, fire danger, child protection issues. And believe
me we have our alcohol related issues in Salford (I wonder if that is why we
are havinga ministerial visit on Thursday!). Yes, I think a fact sheet
would be good.