Re: Bavarias - reply to all.

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>>>Alan Frame wrote:
>>>> Actually, I think we[1] might be approaching this from the wrong
>>>> direction:
>>>> Given a budget of $FOO+3K GPB, where ($FOO == price of new[2] Bav), what
>>>> other *new* (or <2yo) boats would the gallery buy/recommend instead.
>>>> I suspect that the answer to /that/ question is probably Bavaria - or
>>>> the BenJen alternatives...
>>>I don't know exactly what new Bavs go for, but guessing at say 75K for
>>>a 33ft by the time you've kitted it out, for my money I would much
>>>rather have this: (stretching the 2 years
>>>just a little bit). Not as spacious as an equivalent length Bav, but
>>>far more enjoyable to own and sail IMO
>> For 75k, I'd be going for somthing like this..
>And you'd probably have to spend about £75k pa on maintenace too.

And what makes you qualified to make a comment like that?
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