Re: Running log week ending 09/04/06

Tim Downie wrote:
Welcome uk.rec.runners! Please tell us about your running week and

After a good (but probably excessive) week last week, it's been a week of

Last Sunday 40 miles 7hr 10 min (half my weekly mileage)

Mon easy run 5.1miles. Rather tired legs and a wee bit stiff but no real

Tue - Usually my club 5K night but I thought I ought to give it a miss as
legs still feeling heavy

Wed Trail/road/XC run 8.6 miles. Tooki it very easy but struggled up minor
hills and stumbled a bit through a feild. May have been first real sign of

Thu beach run 5. Very easy run. No problems.

Fri am: Sore foot when walking dogs.
pm: Tried to run but had to turn back after less than 1/2 a mile due to
increasing foot pain. Went for an 18 mile cycle instead. May not have been
a wise move.

Satuday. am: Foot a lot worse. Limping badly. Wasted 2hr in casualty
waiting to be seen before giving up.
pm: Drains overflowing! Spent 4hrs carrying buckets of poo & rodding
drains. Didn't hellp foot at all!

Sunday. am: Spent uncomfortable night & returned to casualty limping even
worse. X-ray showed nothing much (no real surprise) but came home with a
couple of crutches. Not sure whether it's easier to just go really slow
without crutches or very slightly faster with crutches.

pm: Now my L calf is aching & foot is less painful. Go figure?

All in all, I've had better weeks. I suspect a stress fracture but then I
always do when something goes wong so it might not be. I had hoped to wake
up this morning and find that the pain had gone but no such luck.

Got an appointment with my physio tomorrow and a return appointement for the
fracture clinic at casualty. Hopefully I have a better idea what's going on
my then.

Total 18.7 milews run, 18.8 miles cycle.



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