Sacral lumbarization - Lower back pain

On behalf of a friend:

Hi there,

I have been suffering with lower back pain for a few weeks now, having
had the same injury a couple of times before a year ago. My Osteopath
recommended an MRI scan. The results show two things - firstly that I have
what is called 'lumbarization of the spine', which is basically when the top
part of the sacrum is split from the bottom part and it therefore appears as
though I have 6 lumbar vertebra instead of 5. After researching this on the
internet it looks like 4-5% of the population have this condition, which you
are born with, and it normally does not cause any problems. My Osteopath
says it just makes my lower spine more mobile which makes me prone to injury
(I do a lot of Yoga - back bends are not good for it), and that I need to
strengthen my core to support the spine.
The other thing the MRI showed was a few dehydrated discs.
Anyone had any experience of either of these two things? Any advice?
Last year my back took 6 weeks to get better. It's been a month this time
and it is still very much bothering me. The pain seems to be generated from
the lumbar spine but also moves up stiffening my upper back. I'm extremely
frustrated with not doing any physical activity.
Any advice appreciated.



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