I didn't really have any plans for this weekend. The mrs was at at a
friend's birthday party in Wales and I had the place to myself. That's
something to savour, not squander, but it seems 500 miles and three
countries last weekend wasn't enough to sate the wanderlust. So, if only
to give myself an excuse for a 300 mile round trip, I decided to
gatecrash the party.

By staying away from motorways unless unavoidable, and deliberately
heading in the opposite direction to home for the start of the return
leg, I managed to bump that up to 499 miles (and 12 hours in the
saddle). Less than four months from new and that second service inches
ever closer.

All pleasantly uneventful, except for the location in Wales. They'd
booked out some converted outbuildings on a farm at the top of a steep
track through fields leading to a gravel parking area. It seems PR3s,
lovely as they are, meet their match when you're trying to park on a
gravel covered 1:5 slope. Parking up the slope left the bike slipping
downhill, and parking diagonally across it led to the bike trying to
rotate over the top of its sidestand. Kudos to the mrs for catching that
and holding it up while I hurriedly removed the luggage to lower the

Anyway, partial route here:


KTM990SMT - big orange tractor on stilts
GSXR1000 - lardy old tourer