Gonna ache tomorrow

Took the KTM out today: first time this year. I was worried that the track
would be waterlogged after all the rain, but it was only damp first thing -
just about right - then surprisingly, dried out and got incredibly dusty in
places. In fact, on one occasion when I was folowing a couple of other bikes,
yje dus raised was so great that I could barely see where I was going, which
was a first.

I was wearing a new pair of knee braces for protection[1]: they need some
adjustment but were pretty comfortable riding the bike. Walking around in them
between sessions caused the straps to rub the backs of my knees, though,
despite the sleeves I was wearing under them.

[1] As I enjoy skiing and running from time to time, I've always worried that
I will bugger my knees, which is one reason I don't use the 'crosser as often
as I might. I don't know just how much protection the braces actually give,
but they do boost confidence, and confidence = rides = speed. I hope.