Suspension problems

After coming back from France with both my wrists feeling like Skeletors
after being buried in sand I thought I'd have a play with the suspension

Looked up a few "recommended" sets of settings, duly noted as a good
starting points.

First thing I noticed was that the RH fork rebound screw was jammed.
Managed to free it off (going softer), but the next problem is that the
RH fork has about 8.5 clicks of adjustment, the LH fork has the full 13
clicks of adjustment. (The RH fork was the one that had a bust fork seal
and was repaired a long while ago)

Arse. I obviously have no idea which side has lost the 4.5 clicks of
adjustment, so it's impossible to match them.

What riding traits does mismatched front rebound show?

Anyway, assuming I've lost the adjustment at the hard end (to pick a
random side), I set everything to thee recommended settings and then had
a jolly good play along the bumpiest bit of road I know round here.
(it's helpfully followed by a lovely undulating twisty bit so is a good
test of both)

After a whila I've settled on a setting that gives me maximum comfort
and only needs a few clicks on the front rebounds and a turn on both the
rear compression and rebound to get back to "fun on decent twisties".
Rebound is on 8, compression on 4. Even on this very rough road the
forks don't "pump" themselves up which I was worried about.

One thing I'm hoping someone can confirm for me; the front preload, if
I've reduced it from (what it was) 7 lines showing to 4 lines showing
that has lengthened the forks, correct? Hence changing the trail (?)
angle and slowing down the steering?

It's definitely slowed the steering down, quite a lot.

Bikes are fun, especially when you get the time to go and play with them
and fiddle with the twiddly bits :)