Note to self

Having just fitted a shiny new 2:1 exhaust system to a Morini and raring to go and see how it works and in particular whether it stays in position, don't wear boots with big chunky plastic heels.

At least I know exactly where to place a heat shield on the rear header pipe now.

Just got to molish one from a length of larger bore stainless pipe with a suitable bend (approx 45 degrees-ish) cut in half down its length. Time to break out the angle grinder and cutting disc I think.

Haven't got gear to weld stainless, so a bodge with screws, spire clips and hose clips will have to do to hold it in place. As long as it keeps my boot away from the pipe that will do for now.

The system has larger bore pipes than the last one and whilst subtly mellow at low revs has a satisfying snarl when given the beans. Seems to be revving more freely apart from the usual flat spot mid range if whacked open too wide in to a high a gear. The downside being that 250 revs (still has a 250 redlined tacho) on a 375 get a bit vibey, so that's another new taillight bulb required.

Dijon here we come - hopefully.

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