New Right Wing Mirror doesn't match

I went into the underground car park yesterday and noticed someone had tried to move my scooter, they didn't get very far as the streering was locked but they left it in a position that I found hard to release it from and the bike fell over on its right side. I immediately noticed that the streering had twisted so the front wheel wasn't facing the same way as the handlebars so I twisted it back into position and all seemed fine.

Today I came to ride the bike and noticed the right wing mirror was cracked, so I went for a ride to check the streering was OK which it was, then phoned the bike shop for a quote on a Right Wing Mirror, was quoted £ 9.91 so I went ahead and bought it. When I got it home and fitted it noticed it was different to the old one and the left wing mirror.

So I am now contemplating either buying a left wing mirror to match or just simply removing the left hand mirror as I don't believe you need a left hand mirror by law - only the right hand. Of course I could just leave as is but it don't match.