UKRM film club

I've found myself doing a fair bit of travelling recently, and have eventually realised that the journey time could be well spent catching up on my film backlog. So, I've got through 4 in the last 2 days.

1. The Kings Speech. Superb. Deserved the accolades.

2. Tyrannosaur - Excellent film, beautifully shot and acted. But not what you'd call cheerful or uplifting. In fact it would almost make Trainspotting look like an upbeat rom-com.

3. Submarine - Not sure what to make of this; it's a fairly straightforward boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets together with girl again at the end film, shot in a rather arty way. I enjoyed it, but found my attention wandering.

I can't think straight - Hmmm. It's a fairly straightforward boy meets girl, other boy meets other girl then the girls meet each other, then girl leaves boy and meets a third girl followed by the other one of the first two girls leaving her boy and finally getting together with the other girl who has now left the third girl. With a mix of cultures, ethnicities and creeds thrown in for good measure. Acting that would be disappointing in a low-rent daytime soap and whoever did the sound should be taken out and beaten. If it wasn't for the fact that Lisa Ray was so stunning, I'd have switched off.

Wonder what I'll watch next...