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So, why not bite the bullet and dual boot for a while ? You will

I don't really have the need. At work I run XP or various flavours of
Windows server (on the internal side) or various flavours of linux on the
outward facing server side. At home I have some servers (mail server runs
mandriva and has *lots* of customisation so I'm not about to port that
over - last time I upgraded it took two days of work to get
qmail/ezmlm/daemontools/apache etc reinstalled exactly the way I wanted

That says loads that does, if it is so hard to upgrade, replace it it with
Solaris and make future upgrades easier :-)

It would have upgraded easily *if* packages were available for
qmail/ezmlm/daemontools (and the Apache/DNS locations hadn't changed
between Mandrake 8 and Mandriva 10..). Qmail isn't available as a
package for *anything* - is always has to be compiled from source. And
the same for EZMLM.

The time was mostly spent making sure all the mail subsystem was
working and that all the existing permissions had been carried across.
While doing my regular job..

And I've done Solaris upgrades in the past so don't give me the 'smooth
upgrade' line. It's OK on a clean system but doing it on a live
production system with lots of customisation is *always* going to be

games only - no other use and gets hardly used. But I don't want to
emulate XP since for games you want speed and speed alone..).

I run XP inside Solaris :-P

I don't do emulation for games. It's a) pointless b) pointless and c)
saps CPU cycles, introduces potential errors and is pointless

Is OpenSolaris available as a disc image (VMWare or Mac Parallels)
for download?


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