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I'd harp on about using Solaris as a laptop/desktop system but it just
seems to upset people, they get the impression I am anti MS.

I'd be happy to use Slowlaris once is gets dragged into the 21st

I think you need to do some reading.

I read more than you think I do..

try starting at

Already read. It's a start - but I don't see any great rush by anyone to
use it. Or write drivers for it. It's nice to see that Sun realise that
CDE and Motif suck bigtime and that people actually want usable GUI
workspaces but I suspect it's too little, too late. A bit like OS/2 Warp

OS2/Warp, now there is a blast from the past.

But while I agree the desktop/laptop area has still not taken off much yet
in the commercial world, S10 and Express (S11) are making inroads in a lot
of places in the server and SunRay market. The VM arena is bouyant,
expecially as we can do it with Sparc through all levels of HW and OS
(with the Niagra kit) (LDOMS, zones, Xen)

Drivers are being written by the comunity, like the Linux comunity.

So, why not bite the bullet and dual boot for a while ? You will probably
be suprised. It will come as no suprise to you that I run Solaris only at
home, with Win98 and XP in a vitual session on Solaris if needed.


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