The BMF show still shrinking.

fewer bikes even than last year - I overtook a couple of bikes heading north
up the A1, which I assume were headed there, and only met a handful of
oncoming bikes near the show ground itself.

The weather might not have helped - the Met office forecast showed heavy
cloud: in fact, it was bloody chilly for a first use of the summer jacket and
mizzled on the way up. I'm glad I bought that waterproof for the return
journey. It was dry but still chilly.

Major bummer: no vintage speedway! There were sidecars, which looked
interesting, but I wasn't prepared to wait around another hour for that, so
toddled off home at around 1330. Other entertainment included the White
Helmets, which was OK, though seemed to lack the polish I remember from the
Flying Gunners.

Of the bike manufacturers displaying, Yamaka/BMW/Kawasaki showed pretty much
so-so ranges; angular styling is the new angular styling and tourers aren't
tourers without *huge* bulbous fairings. Seeing the range of Husqvarnas IRL
was interesting, even with their weird winged front mudguards. I [cough] quite
liked some of the Victorys on display, but don't have the beer belly and I've
passed through at least two middle-age crises already.

Plusses: I bought a new lid (AGV, natch), waterproof over jacket for a tenner
and a replacement visor for the current lid, at half the online price I've